by on July 29, 2018

Tekashi 6ix9ine has mastered the art of how to stay in the news.

Yesterday the “Gummo” rapper made a stop by Power 105 to appear on the Angie Martinez show. During his most personal interview to date he spoke on his relationship with Nicki, rape allegations, and the latest armed robbery he endured. He also went with his normal antics and playfulness taking shots at Vic Mensa and staking his claim as the ‘King of New York’.  At one point he told Angie he doesn’t care much about his appearance during interviews and he still views himself as a normal person, not a celebrity.  He even exposed his Hanes underwear to which she pointed—were inside out.

The rainbow haired rapper went on to reveal that Nicki Minaj is the only industry co-sign he truly has and that while on the set of the “FEFE” shoot the Head Barb in Charge made him change his clothes for the semi-sexy candyland-themed video.

“I went to the Nicki shoot right… Me and her mad cool, right, mad cool.  And she’s like ‘Aight ummmm im’ma go change’.  So when she came back I was wearing the same outfit.  She’s like, ‘What are you doing?’  I’m like, ‘Sh*t let’s start shootin’ and she’s like, ‘You’re not gonna change?’  I’m like, ‘Why?  Why would I change?’  She’s like, ‘Yo, you been wearing that all day’.  And I’m like, ‘Yeah I don’t care you know what I’m saying?’  And she’s like, ‘For me please go change’.

What do you do when the Queen asks you to change?

He changed.

Check out the interview below!

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