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ENTERTAINMENT PRO: Get Involved, And Support Your Music.

OUS Music


MUSIC DIRECTORY: If your an upcoming music artist, or a producer, songwriter, manager, independent record label. Then the Do It Yourself Music Guide Directory is for you. With over 2000+ contacts you can unlock many doors to the industry an more. Record Labels, A&R, Clubs, Radio Stations, Colleges, Studios, Performing Rights, Downloadable Contracts, and a ton of industry related contacts updated twice yearly. This is a must have tool we offer access through subscription. Money Back Guaranteeed.


OUS Video


MUSIC REVIEW: Need your music properly reviewed. Follow the instructions for us to review your music.


OUS Radio


MUSIC SERVICES: If you need your music serviced, we have resources to be your music what it needs. In order for us to do this properly, we must first review and accept the music to be serviced. Once your music is acceted we have serveral plans to suit your budget.


OUS Events


MUSIC ROTATION: Want to get your music into rotation? We have radio stations that we promote across several playforms to get your music awareness. Once you pass our make it or break it phase, music artist can engage further with many of our music programs we have to offer.


OUS Live


MUSIC COMPILATION: We will be doing our own music comilation to help expose music artist of 3 different genres. Rap, R&B, Pop. These compilations will serve as promotional marketing tools, and there will be a fee for music artist to get there music on the compilation. We do all the promotions, and each artist music information, and social media will be made available. Get involved now, and get your music reviewed, this compilation will not be for everyone. #GoodMusic


OUS Cinema


MUSIC NETWORK: Join the OUSMC2K19 First Annual Music Conference. Will be broadcasted live over social media capturing the events day by day. Music panel to be listed, stay tuned and sign up today for up to date info.