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Hurricane Harvey Texas Relief Funds
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Texas has had the biggest Hurricane ever. The population has grown around Texas geographical area since last biggest Hurricane hit the state, and today many of Texans are in need, including many Children and the Elderly. OurUrbanSpace is continuing to join forces with others to assist in this time of need. This effort will assist with delivering supplies for families in need. This will be an on going effort to assist those in need through-out the Texas areas infected by Hurricane Harvey.

1. To personally drive down to Houston Texas with videographer and take quick assessment in a selected area.

2. Document trip from California to Houston along Highway 10

3. Find Families in need and proceed with donated funds to help selected individuals, while documenting, making sure goods are provided. (4 families will receive up to $2,500 depending on current need to purchase goods in there surrounding area).

4. Pass out over 200 back packs filled with Hygiene Care, gift card, and more.

5. Deliver messages from supporters who donated for this cause.



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