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OUS Native Mobile Apps can boost to amplify users’ awareness of our community. Enhancing connectivity with instant access, OUS Native Mobile Apps will surely return a higher conversion rate and cost-efficient values to our Urban Social Network.

With nearly 40% of smartphone owners say they frequently use social apps daily, it’s no surprise that social apps dominate smartphone users’ time.

It’s plain to see our Urban Social Network needs a mobile app as a comprehensive source of online content and harnessing users’ desire for social connection anytime, anywhere.

We have spent countless hours preparing our Native Mobile App for release, and is currently requesting donations to finalize our release to Apple and Android app platforms.

The Native Mobile App will be free for download, and give users the ability to login, engage within our urban community, and assist with keeping the site active on a daily basis.

Any amount helps. Once our goal is reached, the Native Mobile App will be fully released to the public within 30 days.

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Location: Rancho Cucamonga 91737, United States

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