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BROWSE: View Media Content & Support.

OUS Music

MUSIC: If your a fan of music, or an artist, group, band, producer, songwriter, manager, A&R, record labels. OUS Music is for you. Browse, upload, sell your music, offer free downloads, share video links from youtbe, facebook, vimeo and many more. You can also add your music links to Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, Google+ to monetize as you share from our platform. Artist can make Song of the day, Album of the day, playlists, artist profile.

OUS Video

VIDEO: Browse videos and share with family and friends. You can share video links from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, World Star and so many other video platforms. Get your video featured by pay to gain exposure, or support the site by sharing and earn feature placement. Create playlists for easy view.

OUS Radio

RADIO: Browse through our radio stations and find your zone.We have plenty of radio stations to browse and listen. Share our stations with family and friends and make a night of entertainment no matter where they our in the World. Have a radio station you want to list on OurUrbanSpace? Contact Us for info.

OUS Events

EVENTS: Whether your looking for entertainment, or ready to create a event, here is the place to make it happen. Join FAM Base and become a part of bringing your favorite artist to your city, or a city very close to you. FAM Base connects fans with thier favorite upcoming artist. Share with friends and make it a fun and exciting event with OurUrbanSpace.

OUS Live

LIVE: Watch Live and get suprised with what we may bring to the OUS screen. Covering live social events, or networking with sources to bring good content for our viewers to OUS, stay tuned with OUS Live.

OUS Cinema

CINEMA: Thinking about getting with the family this weekend? Browse OUS Cinema to see what theaters have on the big screen at a theater near you. Review and leave comments, add movies to your favorites to share with friends.