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Male. Lives in Los Angeles,  California,  United States. Born on September 10, 1901
Urban Village Farming
About Urban FarmingWhy Choose Aquaponic Urban Farming? During the past decade a series of trends have created a substantial and profitable market for affordable, local, safe, fresh, flavorful and nutritious produce that is currently underserved. Growing For The Community In 2018 the costs for groceries increased at the highest rate since 2005. Many financial experts are currently forecasting significant inflation during the next few years. As food prices tend to be especially vulnerable to inflation consumers typically turn to less expensive food sources such as produce to feed their families. Conserving Energy Compared to traditional farming methods, produce grown locally and hydroponically uses significantly less energy per pound. The Company’s vehicles will be either electric or hybrid which will also help save energy. Fresh Produce Daily As the produce will be harvested only hours before it reaches the store shelves and chef’s kitchens, it will taste better and be more nutritious than what is currently available.
Queens With Dreams & Hope
We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving families and communities impacted by cancer, and economic barriers by providing educational awareness, self-help, support, and housing assistance services.
It Takes A Village
We Need Your Help California is experiencing a housing crisis. We are seeing families and individuals living from their cars and cheap motels. Even those with stable employment struggle to afford the cost of rent unless they are earning at least a six-figure income. Timelist has decided to take active steps to address this problem. We believe that our program model for prisoner-reentry housing will translate into meeting the needs of other populations struggling to secure and maintain stable housing. Our Action Plan: Continue building capacity by acquiring homes below market rate and leasing housing units/properties Manage facilities with live-in staff who will operate as case/housing managers Create a structured program component that offers life skills development, résumé support and career-related training Network with advocacy groups that focus on housing equity, employment equity and economic justice Fundraise and continue to grow a strong base of donor support Our vision is clear, but we cannot make it a reality without community support. We are seeking champions of this cause to join us as monthly donors. Please also urge others to DONATE- your family, coworkers, congregations, and anyone you know who wants to make a positive impact in responding to this housing crisis. Every little bit helps.   Stronger TogetherThe key to our success and expansion is having people like you working with us to ensure that our message of hope reaches the masses. We believe that we have developed a blueprint of services and programming that transforms lives for individuals, families and communities impacted by incarceration. Once you hear our story, we are confident you will agree that we must replicate our model across the nation. However, we cannot do it without financial contributions and opportunities to share our vision with your networks, peers, religious communities, etc. Please invite us to speak or present our program at your next event. In the meantime, please donate generously. We greatly appreciate your support!