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Disbar these active lawyers
Signature Goal
6out of 1,000 Signatures
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Attorneys Jorger Reyes #232350 & Mansfield Collins #104049
Petition Goal
Return Legal Fees, and Disbar From California State Bar
Start date
April 8, 2018
End date
August 16, 2018
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I, like others, have retained lawyers to properly defend my constitutional rights. In June 2014, I was pulled over for a traffic stop in Rancho Cucamonga, which lead to our home being raided for specious of sales of marijuana. I was placed in custody with a $2.5 million dollar bail, held for 90days, and had to hire Attorneys
Jorge Reyes #232350
Mansfield Collins #104049
which was my 3rd and 4th lawyer hired on the case.
Over the time they were retained as my lawyer they made good progress in getting a large amount of funds released. But once funds was set to be released, they withheld this information, along with the DA and attempted to have me release these funds to my then wife, who turned out to be an informant for the DA's office.
Under these Attorneys being retained, I was remanded back to custody twice because I didn't take the deal, and the DA was making up any excuse to increase bail time after time. During one court hearing, there was a conflict of interest for them to proceed, but they forged my name on documents to satisfy the court, and proceeded.
I fired the lawyers, retained a new one, and wrote a complaint to the California State Bar in 2016. The California State Bar decided they are not experts in forgery and the lawyers did no wrong, ending there investigation.
Attorney Mansfield Collins #104049 had already stole money from another client that retained him for $10,000, in which Mansfield Collins stole over $450,000 dollars from his clients retained.
"Collins stipulated that he charged an unconscionable fee of $258,000 when he had not properly documented or contracted for those fees and he then charged an additional $226,213 in fees to which he was not entitled."
http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/104049. (Remains Active)
On June 5th, 2017, a article was published by the OC register, stating that Jorge Reyes #232350, had been under investigation for FRAUD and stole upwards to $300 Million Dollars from workers comp in conspiracy with other lawyers.
"The Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed felony fraud charges against 10 attorneys and 6 others Monday in what prosecutors say is a massive workers’ compensation-referral scheme with more than 33,000 patients and an estimated $300 million-plus in insurance payouts received.
DA Tony Rackauckas said the charges were the start of an investigation by his office and the California Department of Insurance, which scrutinizes the role medical providers played in an alleged fraud ring that targeted mostly Spanish-speaking communities.
“This type of fraud factory drives up the prices of workers’ compensation insurance and drives businesses out of California,” Rackauckas said Monday, June 5."
"The attorneys charged Monday were: Jon Woods, 56, of Cypress; Payman Zargari, 49, Sherman Oaks; John Jansen, 49, Santa Ana; Fari Rezai, 39, Irvine; Lionel Eduardo Giron, 49, Pomona; Dennis Ralph Fusi, 73, Lakewood; Jorge Humberto Reyes, 39, Los Angeles; Rony M Barsoum, 43, Los Angeles; Robert Irving Slater, 67, Encino; and Robin Jacobs, 52, Sherman Oaks."
"If convicted, Arguello faces up to 29 years and eight months in prison, Gonzalez up to 20 years and eight months.The various attorneys face seven years to nearly 26 years in prison."
I notified the California State Bar regarding the Attorneys arrest, and they act as if they didn't even know. I resubmitted my case for review to the California State Bar in San Francisco, CA, which they concluded that time had expired, and now I have to take this matter up with the Superior Courts.
I Retained the lawyers to fight my prelim and trail, paid them in full, and they lied about how much was paid, refusing to turn over original retainers that stated amount retained for and forged documents to deliver to the California State Bar, all which the California State Bar was pleased with.
The lawyers also made promises to return some of my money, but never did. I showed the California State Bar this information from attorneys as well, in which they were all just playing along.
These Attorneys remain active with the California State Bar, and is practicing law to date.
Mansfield Collins - #104049 (Remains Active)
Jorge Humberto Reyes - #232350 (Remains Active)
With the amount of plea agreements DA office always inflict on defendants, It is not wise at all to have attorneys under investigation for criminal charges to remain active with the California State Bar. DA's and attorneys work together on cases for a fast remedy. Who better to convince a defendant to take a plea deal to wash the hands of there bad judgements.
We have all heard the very loose phrase of innocent until proven guilty, but this was an extensive investigation, with a large amount of fraud that took place over time, and over 10 attorneys arrested, causing a major impact on the State Of California Workers Comp.
After researching the information I provided, and you believe these Attorneys should be disbarred from the California State Bar, Please Sign!
My Next Stop - Superior Court
@ACLU_SoCal www.aclusocal.org
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