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Feature Promote Your Rap Hiphop Music To 120,000 Fans
March 19, 2018 Store MyMusic Artist Services
at Los Angeles
29% OFF
$ 25.00 USD $35.00 35.00
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Hey there ッ
As an artist - FANS MATTER! Sometimes we need a BOOST, when we're starting out. A FAN base is a huge part of how your career will be organically promoted. I can help you out!
I'm an experienced 7 year advertiser with 5500 PLUS positive social marketing reviews (check my profile page, scroll down to reviews). I will help you with the exposure you need with this gig to help create a fan base who will listen to and share -- your music, which is the first step in launching your career as an artist.
I'm a hop hop lover myself- and have successfully marketed a number of musicians! My advertisements have helped me build a strong hip hop/ rap audience. I also target them, as a niche.
I'm not going to make you empty promises of millions of views, downloads and follows -- but I can guarantee you will see some very REAL ORGANIC RESULTS through this service.
II'll send you live links to your post once your order is completed.
*If you have a youtube song please contact me before ordering.
Order now! :)

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