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Feature Soundcloud Single Music Promotion - 500 K
March 19, 2018 Store MyMusic Artist Services
at Los Angeles
25% OFF
$ 75.00 USD $100.00 100.00
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Promote your music on Soundcloud.
We will advertise and share your sound on our private network (social media and music magazine networks.)
This service is a must for for Hip-Hop, House, Techno and Trance artists.
Please make sure you follow the rules before you order.
1) Your order will be considered completed once we achieve your goal
2) We do not discuss our method with buyers, make sure you are happy with what you order
3) Your track must be public (not set to private)
4) While we are working on your promotion, It is forbidden to
delete the track
make it private
change it's url.
Missing tracks annoy the users on our network, waste our time and for obvious reasons a refund will not be possible.
4) Please don't ask question such as "Can I see the links where you posted my music"
Our method is built on strict confidentiality, we don't share your information with others, so we won't let you have access to the information of other artists and labels.
5) If you think this service is not genuine, don't order it. Calling our service fake will not be an excuse for a refund and will be reported.
Make sure you ask all questions BEFORE you order.
Thank you

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