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Outsourced to our #1 Rated promotional services for breaking records for major and independent artists. Get your music delivered directly to all major music industry contacts, 65,000+ DJs worldwide, booking agents, record pools, radio stations, & blogs. When you invest your time and money into your music there should be an effective outcome. In order to get the best possible results from your effort you need to promote your music and music video. OurUrbanSpace has various services to outsource for major and independent artists alike. You need a place to host your music that’s easy to access, presents well, won’t annoy your visitors with popups, ads, surveys, and distracting content. Where you host your music can say as much about your credibility as the music itself. Anyone can put their content on Youtube, it takes deliberate intention for a serious music career to host on When you host your music at you own it. When you post it somewhere free you have given away a lot of important rights to that content. Once you have your content hosted somewhere like you choose a distribution level, we can help you reach a very wide audience very quickly. Get started promoting your music by choosing your OurUrbanSpace service listed below. Contact us about your project - 909.243.9541

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