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By August 11, 2018
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Following the death of his mother, PomonaDrey drops some HEAT! "We all get advice from our elders whether it be a parent or friend, sometimes that person wont always be here to remind you so we must take heed when you get that advice, and this song represents that along with one of the things my mother told me before she passed, which is I would one day be GREAT," says PomonaDrey. Also this song is produced by PomonaDrey, video was shot by NewHighFilmz and includes cameos from his Big cousin and Grandmother. Please make sure you subscribe to the channel and leave a comment! THANKS PUBLIC FIGURE / BOOKINGS CONTACT @SSGLOBALCONNECT OR EMAIL FYE.TIFFANYGAINES_MGMT@YAHOO.COM
AWG Music Promotions
By September 16, 2018
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Get on board and join the movement. If your a artist sign up on The site has alot to offer for artist development. Share and post content to multiple social platforms, get up to date info regarding the music industry, and get our Music Guide Directory to help assist with your career. A 1 Stop Shop to list your music and merchandise @ Join FAM Base The Movement - Read Up @
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Kyoot - Parents Scaring Kids

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By Published on October 4, 2018

Parenting goals:

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