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AWG Music Promotions
by on August 20, 2018

Getting the right promotions for your music is very important. Alot of music promotions run your music across the same platform thats not fit for everyone. So even though the campaign may host and brag that it will reach millions of viewers, these viewers may very well not be your audience. Thats why its important to submit music for reviews, and get familaur with your potential online promoter. Music is beginning to be posted all over the place with no organization or real construction to properly place music. All music of even a single genre can break and lose potential listeners simply due to song that plays before yours. So its important to know where your music is being placed, and how well your music will be promoted weather its a playlist, or being linked to groups, blogs, or influencers. View the video below, and get an idea of how your project should be promoted to your target market. Time to take the bull by the horns, and approach this music game with authority. Get Xposed!!!


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