by on October 9, 2018

Getting your music on platforms is a very simple task. But promoting your music whiile it is on these music platforms takes work, and still a small budget to work it. Nothing is free, except when you wish to promote your music without executing a plan, which results in failure!

What we have developed is a working plan to sucessfully promote your music based on your affordable budget. Just as the music game is changing, so is the music industry, and artist have to be IT savy, and still with a budget, have plenty of time to promote your releases, and more. This is where most music artist wont never make it pass stating that your music is on iTunes, and posting to a small audience who doesnt really care. And this is just 1 single music platform, with a HUGE name, but thats about it for you as an un-promoted artist!

You have to have your music serviced, and it should now be a part of every artist music plan to date. Save, by stop recording so much music, when your first release have absolutely no proven record of doing anything. If you listed your music on a major music platform, and failed at promoting it, and it stays up for a long period of time. Then thats a wasted project that you feel so connected to, you will refuse to pull it down. Now your building a catelog of bad music, un-promoted, and taking up space to give yourself the creditability your looking for. 

With all the information I send out, I see that artist rather post freely without monetizing nothing they spend so much time on preparing. You are lacking artist developement in the worst way! Confused about your publishing, verses, distribution, and lacking creating a solid fan base, lacking knowledge to network, your perception lacks the ability to get attention, and your self promotions remain out of key maintaining engagements. All of the things that you may very well see a brand new upcoming surpass you in no time, is the reason why they have been able to do so.

Music artist have to take a huge step back and become aware of whats going on in the music industry to date. Stop all the work with long studio hours without promoting a proven single. If you cant make a decent single release, what makes you believe that your album will make things all that much better? And are you aware how many songs a music platform is looking for, before your album is stopped being placed on most music platforms?

The msuic industry is looking for a audience connected to a artist. They are signing singles, because who is buying albums these days? So its time for all the new upcoming Old, and Young music artist to focus on creating a good single. Pay, to test market your single for review with MyMusic Review . You can also service your music for radio to create a decent fan base MyMusic Radio Service . We can design a solid promotional plan for any artist and execute with positive results. You wont have to post continuesly for no purpose at all, you will be able to engage with your fans instantly and begin networking for your music, while you gain streams and make money back on your own investment with MyMusic Services.

Contact me for consulting a music promo plan for you, and lets get started today and boost your music carrer above the norm. You should be tired of hanging out in the studio for years talking about a album release, or your working on a album. The time is now, find a single and do yourself the favor of making 1 single hit. Albums are old like cassette tapes now, time to get with the business and make your music career work for you. #PayAttention

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